This month on GatePass __ January 2020

This month, our newsletter features an update on our new app release and events.
We are also excited to introduce a new segment: Mobility Stories. You can read more about this below.
GatePass App
The GatePass 3.0 Andriod app will be available on Google Play Store this weekend. Make sure you download it and let us know your experience using it!

For Apple users, our IOS version will be available on TestFlight. If you’d like to be among its first users, click here to request an invitation code and how to set-up. 
Some of our new app screens  Photo Credit: GatePass
Access Bank (Africa FinTech Foundry Accelerator)
Major news! We are one of the three start-ups selected to participate in the ongoing Access Bank AFF Accelerator program, which began on the 20th of January and is scheduled to run for 12 weeks.

Being part of this program gives us the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals. The program will enable us build long-lasting partnerships with key players in the ecosystem and we believe these partnerships will have a positive impact on our traction. Having institutions like Access Bank and The Africa Fintech Foundry acknowledge us also pushes us to deliver our best and gives us a certain layer of credibility.  

Another of our goals at the program is to acquire more knowledge from Access Bank’s years of experience in data governance, customer support and with this knowledge, scale our user experience to a new level.
Photo Credit: Africa FinTech Foundry (Instagram)
Mobility Stories
Photo Credit: @boredinlagosng (Instagram)
We can all agree that commuting around Lagos is not for the weak.
The early hours; the creative hustlers; channelling your inner “Omo Eko”; navigating the unpredictable and daunting traffic to avoiding getting consumed by the ever-blazing ball of Lagos energy (sprinkled with a little chaos, of course). These are all conditions that make Lagos, Lagos.

At the same time, inter-city travel in Lagos has seen the birth of many transportation services that have disrupted the sector in different ways. How people get around Lagos is changing, and Mobility Stories will cover individual experiences from daily commuters in the city. From what it’s like to be a female taxi driver to what it means to get around Lagos if you use a wheelchair, this segment is about Lagosians as much as it is about Lagos. Mobility Stories will feature in our newsletters from February’s edition.

Please feel free to contact us if you or someone you know would like to tell their story. We’re open to submissions and looking forward to reading!

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