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I hope you’re having a great week! If you’re reading this for the first time, then I’m about to take you behind the scenes on the GatePass app. Today we’re looking at the bills payment feature.

Here are some challenges we noticed communities face when handling bill payments:

The payments challenge is actually a vicious cycle in communities. Residents are typically worried about the transparency of bills they receive from their estate managers and are unwilling to pay for services they feel they did not enjoy. With residents not willing to pay their service charge fees and other community payments, estate managers end up having cashflow problems. These problems limit the quality of the service estate managers provide to their residents. The cycle goes on and on, and eventually, estate managers and their residents are unable to build trust. This lack of trust negatively impacts both parties and results in poor living experiences for residents and their estate managers.

The collection cycle.

But, it does not have to be this way for communities anymore. With our bills payment feature, estate managers can efficiently assign bills to residents, track payments made, and provide incentives to minimise payment delays and defaults.

Managers’ current process Vs Our process

We have optimized our bills payment feature to allow managers to create bill categories based on their preferred style of capturing consumption.

  1. Fixed Bills — the bills split (often equally) across all homes within the community, such as the estate security dues and facility management bills;
  2. Variable Bills — the bills determined by the individual consumption of a household such as a power bill; and
  3. Tariff Bills — the bills determined by a pre-agreed tariff/charge per unit of consumption.

How we are making payments easier for residents and their estate managers:

With the GatePass bills payment feature:

  1. Residents can budget accordingly and top-up their wallets ahead of any payments.
  2. Residents are regularly reminded of pending bills on the homepage of the app.
  3. Residents can choose the “pay all” option and have all the pending bills sorted at once.
  4. Bills are better organised and easier to track through the fixed, variable, and tariff bills categories.

How to navigate the bills payment feature as a community manager

How to settle a bill as a resident

Residents can find all their pending bills and either pay off all or choose specific bills to settle with funds in their wallets. In case the wallet is not funded, residents can click on “wallet” and follow the instructions to transfer money into their wallet.

Do you still struggle with bill sorting and payments in your community? Get GatePass in your community today! Are you an existing user? Try using GatePass for your next bill payment, and let us know how it goes.

Send an email to hello[at]gatepass[dot]io or schedule a demo here to learn more. We are excited to have you on board.

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