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It is another splendid week. We are once again taking you behind the scenes on the GatePass app. We want you to know the stories behind the features on GatePass, and today the focus is the Emergency Button.

Here is what we learned about how many communities currently deal with emergencies:

A lot of times, residents have to deal with emergencies on their own. For instance, if you have a health crisis, you have to search through your contact list for the ambulance, make a call then wait for them to arrive. Some residents are not even lucky enough to have a hospital on speed-dial, other residents stay alone, and in times like this, they have nobody to call for help.

A scenario: Yinka cannot help her neighbor during an emergency.

Usually, the emergency is already fully blown and unsalvageable before you get the attention of other neighbors or any form of help. Imagine the case of a fire outbreak; it would take until someone else notices smoke before the estate management is informed, which might be too late. Some emergencies pose an immediate threat to life, property, and the environment.

Amidst all these, we know that safety is a big part of the community experience, which means providing residents with the assurance that even if something goes wrong, their community will be there for them. That is why we introduced the emergency button. With just one push on the button, you can send a panic alert to the relevant persons for help.

How are we protecting the residents and community?

We created a centralized platform for seamless communication within communities.

With the GatePass emergency button:

  1. Residents can instantly send a panic notice and get an immediate response.
  2. They have the options of varying emergencies like; crime, health, power, fire, etc.
  3. Residents that do not already have the state emergency numbers can easily access those from the menu.
  4. Users feel a sense of safety even when there is no emergency.
  5. Users can add the emergency contact that they can reach if anything goes wrong.
  6. Neighbors have access to each other’s emergency contact (if the user grants access) and can help in case of an emergency.
  7. All residents can see the alert on the community’s notice board as soon as it is triggered.
How to Report an Emergency.

Users can select their immediate needs and instantly see the corresponding SOS contact to reach. The residents can also go to their pre-added emergency contact if need be. If the emergency is with someone else in the community, the residents can reach their emergency contact on their behalf. Most importantly, users are safe and feel secure enough to enjoy a sense of belonging.

Do you still struggle with communication and safety in your community? Get GatePass in your community today!

Are you an existing user? Have you had any reason to try the emergency button?

Send an email to hello[at]gatepass[dot]io or schedule a demo here to learn more. We’re excited to have you on board.

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