This month on GatePass __ November 2019.

This month, our newsletter features our latest communities. We will also be introducing Eden to you. Eden is a human-powered, tech-enabled service that gives you a well-trained home concierge, who handles your home’s cleaning, laundry and meals while you go about your day.
Quick GatePass Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and with the celebration comes a lot of visits, parties, meetups, etc.
– With our bulk-upload feature you can raise multiple passes for your guests at a go!
– Add close family and friends to favorites and never have to raise a pass for them again.
Community Updates

New Communities

This month, we’re happy to welcome residents of Seagle Apartments and Sapphire Court to GatePass! 

GatePass is now present in 8 communities and 492 homes, helping 678 residents across these communities to improve communication and administration.

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