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As promised, this week we’re taking you behind the scenes on the GatePass app. We want you to know the stories behind the features on GatePass, and today’s focus is the Notice Board.

Here’s what we learned about how many communities currently communicate:

We know that residents are typically in at least one WhatsApp group. We also know that residents regularly miss conversations and have difficulties keeping up with conversation threads. Important posts may be too far up or difficult to find amid other discussions happening in the group. We noticed that residents end up feeling overwhelmed.

A scenario: Yinka missed out on the group chat.

Some residents don’t even bother joining their community WhatsApp groups because they do not want their phone numbers exposed. Moderators also struggle with quality control, and so community group chats quickly end up being full of irrelevant broadcast messages.

Amidst all these, we are aware that human beings simply want to connect with each other and that’s why neighbors depend on themselves for things as little as foodstuff to supporting a new business in the estate.

We want to sustain community and enhance resident’s full experience because people aren’t just looking for a place to sleep, they’re looking for a place to belong.

How are we fostering community and transparency?

We created a centralized platform for seamless communication within communities.

With the GatePass notice board feature:

  1. Neighbors are able to reach out to each other and share their common interests.
  2. Residents are able to stay updated and involved in their communities.
  3. Moderators are able to keep the community’s communication organized.
  4. Comments do not disrupt the other messages.
  5. Users never miss out on important messages.
How to create a post on the notice board.

Users are also able to edit and delete their posts, filter posts by category, and report posts they consider sensitive. Most importantly, users can seamlessly interact with their neighbors without having to expose their mobile number.

Do you still struggle with communication in your community? Get GatePass in your community today!

Are you an existing user? Try the notice board feature today.

Send an email to hello[at]gatepass[dot]io or schedule a demo here to learn more. We’re excited to have you on board.

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