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– Our latest GatePass story;
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– and Partnerships.

App update
In the bid to continuously improve GatePass we ensure to act on feedback provided by our users and also be proactive in updating the product to serve our users better.

We recently made some updates to the complaints feature and the navigation bar of the community manager platform. We’ve also made some changes to the guest list interface on the security end (gatehouse).

Complaints Time Stamp
The complaints time stamp update now allows managers to keep track of their response time as regards complaints raised by residents. For each status on a complaint, the date and time are recorded and can also be referred to. To view the time stamp on a complaint, open all complaints, select the complaint you wish to view and tap view.

Navigation Bar
We’ve redesigned the navigation bar to properly house its content. This update is designed to provide better structure to the items on the navigation bar. We’ve grouped the navigation bar’s content into Community Structure, Community Communication, Community Finances, Community Access and Security.

After various conversations with security personnel who use GatePass, we realized the guest list on the gatehouse could be better structured to be more efficient. We went back to the drawing board and the result is an improved gatehouse. We’ve implemented a toggle view to the gatehouse guest list – security personnel can now switch between Incoming Guests, Checked-In Guests and Expired Passes. As opposed to the previous structure which had all the listed information on the same page but with a status bar identifier. In addition to improving efficiency, this update boosts the processing time of the gatehouse.

Feature Review
We appreciate the feedback you have provided us so far and we look forward to hearing more from you. Here’s a sneak peek of an incoming update.

After extensive user research, we discovered our existing bill payments feature needed an upgrade, so we went back to the drawing board and redesigned some parts of the feature to better meet user needs for multiple use cases.

We started by updating bill categories – the update allows users to create 3 types of bill categories, which are;

Fixed Bills: Shared across all homes within a community (e.g. security dues, facility management fees, etc.);
Variable Bills: Determined by the total consumption of a household for a period (e.g. power bill, diesel bill, etc.); and
Tariff Bills: Determined by a pre-agreed tariff/charge per unit of consumption (e.g. power bill, diesel bill etc.).

This update is designed to largely reduce the friction around managing bills in communities and also give community managers room to create bills in a more efficient manner. 

Awesome right? We would like to get your thoughts on this update. Tell us what you think here. We appreciate the feedback.

Quick Tip
Today’s tip is on the Guest pass feature.
When you create a new guest pass for a frequent visitor, mark the user as a favorite- this way you do not have to always create new passes for your guest.Community Update
This month, we’re happy to welcome residents of Urban Prime 1 and Urban Prime 2 by LandWey. In addition to these 2 communities, we plan to also roll out at Urban Prime 3 and 4 on completion of the estates. This collaboration with Landwey would bring on board 790 homes to the GatePass platform. Making GatePass currently active in 12 communities. (Excluding Urban Prime 3 and 4)

Routes by GatePass
GatePass is mapping African stories one route at a time. This project sits at the intersection of life stories and mobility in African contexts. Through Routes, we explore how African lives are shaped by mobility, migration, journeys and mode of transport; and how places take on the stories of the people who have visited or passed through them.
Today’s Routes features Mariam Sule, a writer and editor at Zikoko magazine who moved from Ilorin, a slow-paced town to the city of Lagos.
Read more on this hereGatePass Story

Our most recent story is on the Notice Board feature. We noticed that residents often miss important messages because they come online hours late and can’t keep track of previous threads of conversation. We made that easier.
Read more on this here

Fireside Chat
Our most recent Fireside Chat was on how we can make housing more affordable. First, we had to ask if it was in fact a possibility. We hosted the chat with the topic “Can we hack affordable housing?”
The speakers from our latest Fireside chat.

Topic: Can we hack affordable housing?

Question: What is responsible for the housing deficit? 
– “When the cost of raw materials keeps continuously rising, how can we create affordable houses?” – Adeshina Oyiye, the General Manager at Tempohousing Nigeria.

Question: How can we hack affordable housing now that we see all these problems?
-“Think of it as man’s housing vs industrialized housing, the government should hands-off providing man’s housing and focus on industrialised housing” – Agele J. Alufohai, a past President of Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
– “If we had zoning laws people wouldn’t just slap prices on their properties” – Oluwatelemi Ola-James, a real estate Legal practitioner.

Question: What are some opportunities you see from hacking affordable housing?
– “Land is the core problem and it is expensive to build on land. Alternative housing options are coming up and that’s making a huge difference” – Martin Uche, a Research Analyst at Estate Intel.


Providing exceptional experiences to our users is of priority to us and in addition to building internal solutions, we also embrace collaborations with other organizations dedicated to improving the way we experience our communities. This month, we commenced partnerships with Hinge Systems, Shyft Power and VAMPFi.

Hinge Systems:
One of the outcomes of the partnership with Hinge Systems is power vending for residents. Once fully deployed, residents would be able to vend power via the GatePass app. Sounds cool? There’s more, Hinge Systems also provides hardware, like; boom barriers and turn styles – these hardware can be integrated with the GatePass platform to provide a better access control system for communities.

Unlike the power vending integration that would be deployed across the entire GatePass app, integrating any form of hardware would be based on a request from interested communities.

Shyft Power:
Shyft is disrupting the power sector with its smart meters. Shyft meters allow users to monitor their power consumption in real-time. Facility managers are also not left out, as they are able to set tariffs for various power sources (Generator / DISCO).

For new communities who are yet to purchase meters, we would like to encourage the use of Shyft Meters, and for communities who already have meters but are open to an upgrade, Shyft Power checks all boxes.

When the integration with Shyft is done, managers will be able to price power transparently and residents would be able to monitor their power consumption.

With VAMPFi, we are empowering facility managers to do more in their communities. VAMPFi takes facility management to a new level by providing a better structure for both service requests and inventory management. This integration would be deployed across the entire GatePass platform.

Featured In
At the just concluded real estate discussion and awards, our CEO and Co-Founder Muyideen Dosumu was nominated for the young real estate man of the year award.

Before we go, we’d like to hear about your worst community experience. Share your stories with us here.
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