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App update
Community Customization: Community Customizations give community managers the ability to brand their residents’ view of the app. Managers can now add their organization’s logo, title, and sub-title to the homepage.

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Quick Tip
Today’s tip is: How to use the GatePass Live Chat.
When you need help with your GatePass app, simply start a chat and get real-time responses and help from the GatePass team.Routes by GatePass
GatePass is mapping African stories one route at a time. This project sits at the intersection of life stories and mobility in African contexts. Through Routes, we explore how African lives are shaped by mobility, migration, journeys, and mode of transport; and how places take on the stories of the people who have visited or passed through them.

Today’s Routes features Omotoke Motunrayo, an impact traveler and tour guide who travels around Nigeria for a living and is based in Lagos.
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GatePass Story
 Our most recent story is on the Bills Payment feature. We noticed the payments challenge estates face. With residents not settling bills because they worry about transparency leading to cashflow problems and limiting the quality of service estate managers provide to residents. We found a way to build trust and make the process easier.
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