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We hope you are having a great month so far. This month, our newsletter features new app updates, tips for using the GatePass mobile app, communities updates, and highlights from our recent fireside chat.

App Update
Self-service sign-up: Are you thinking about setting up GatePass in your community? Our self-service sign-up update allows prospective users to sign up to the GatePass platform themselves. This means property developers, community managers, and even residents can sign up their communities on the GatePass platform without any hassle.

We would like to get your thoughts on this update. Tell us what you think here. We appreciate the feedback.

Quick Tip
Today’s tip is about resolving complaints.

Once the status of a complaint is on “Resident Review” – if you’re satisfied with the work that’s been done, you can keep your complaints list tidy by marking the complaint as resolved.

Community Update
GatePass is now live in Abuja, Nigeria! We’re happy to welcome the residents of Gaduwa Coop and Aso Grove Estate. Gaduwa Coop Estate features 112 units of mixed residential houses, while Aso Groove features 60 units of fully detached duplexes.

Fireside Chat

Our most recent Fireside Chat was on hacking travel and tourism through social media. We had a really insightful conversation, below are some of the quotes from our speakers.
Featured on

Property Pro
We got featured on Property Pro’s 6th episode of meet the expert!

In this episode, our CEO and Co-Founder Muyideen Dosumu discussed the story behind GatePass, the lessons we’ve learned, and our experience so far.

FTxSDG Challenge
We have been selected for the first phase of the FTxSDGChallenge!The FTxSDG Challenge, powered by the Financial Times and Seedstars, aims to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs in emerging markets through a startup competition split across thematic challenges based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Before we go, we’d like to hear about your worst community experience. Share your stories with us here.
Have an amazing month!
The GatePass team.

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